Water Safety Overview

Please note the following important points taken from the current SLSQ Water Safety Policy and Procedures:

  • All aquatic activities are now governed under the Water Safety Policy
  • Personnel responsible for any aquatic activities should complete a pre-season/annual training plan including risk management procedures
  • Risk Assessments must be completed prior to all aquatic activity commencement and must be kept on file for a minimum of 5 years
  • An approved buddy system may be used for member training, except Junior Activities where the participants do not hold a current SRC or above with rescue equipment provided as per outcome of the Risk Assessment
  • All SLSA approved gear and equipment including SLSA approved racing boards are now considered as rescue equipment
  • SLSQ Junior Preliminary Evaluations (nipper pool swims) ratios are 1:1 (Watersafety to Participant)
  • SLSQ Competency Beach Evaluation (nipper run-swim-run) ratios are 1:5 (Watersafety to Participant)
  • All Water Safety personnel must be clearly identified in the correct Water Safety attire
  • A minimum of 50% of all Water Safety personnel are required to be in water during aquatic activities
  • SLSQ’s High-Visibility Clothing Policy (Policy no SS07) remains in place unless otherwise informed and  garments must meet guidelines as per SLSA circular no: 56/2012/13


Water Safety Colours

  • Water Safety Personnel - High-Vis Fluoro Orange Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Orange long sleeve Rash shirt
  • Participants in Lifesaving training - High-Vis Cap as per Sunshine Beach training guidelines
  • Participants in Surf Sports training - High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt
  • Surf Sports Competitions - Club Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt
  • Junior Activities - Age Group Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt as per Sunshine Beach Uniform Guidelines



SLSA Water Safety Policy

SLSQ High Visibility Clothing Policy



SLSA Water Safety Procedure



SLSA High Visibility Safety Garments

SLSA Use of Helmets in IRB Training & Competition



Risk Assessment Form

Water Safety Sign-on Sheet



Water Safety

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