Frequently Asked Questions

Our Junior Activities program is for children from 6 years of age up to 13 years old. Age is determined at midnight on 30th September.
No you should renew your membership and update any details online through the club Membership Page and Portal. You will need to create an account if you have not already done so.
Yes all junior members can do their swim at Sign-On but if you prefer your child’s swim coach can complete our Junior Swim Proficiency Form. Please check that your coach is happy to do this prior to attendance so they can make time in their training program for your child.
Children will need to bring swimming gear (togs, goggles, towel) to complete an age appropriate swimming competency assessment and some form of ID (Birth certificate or Passport) so they can be listed in the correct age group. Uniform items will also be available for purchase, cash and credit cards accepted.
Both parents must be members for the safety and well being of all our members under 18 years old as well as for their own protection while participating in activities. Parents are expected to help with our junior lifesavers (Nippers) program – all our activities are run by parent volunteers and every parent is asked to help.

The Blue Card system is used in Queensland as a prevention and monitoring system for people working with children and young people. All members 18 years and older are required to hold a current Blue Card. If you don’t have a card you cannot participate in any Club activities and because parents are required to be present during all our Junior Activities programs, your child will have to miss out too.

You will find the form you need on our Membership page

Yes they should join through the Members Portal and must hold a valid Blue Card; this is to ensure the safety of all of our members as well as to protect the carers.
No, we do not teach children to swim. Our program will teach your child surf skills but they must have reasonable swimming skills to be able to take part in our activities. We recommend that you enrol your child at a swim school to gain the basic skills and then arrange for them to join a swim squad when they become capable.
You can sign your family up using the Members Portal.

You will need to get a swimming teacher or coach to sign off the child’s Junior Swim Proficiency Form. Club uniforms are available to purchase on Sundays, prior to commencement of our activities.

No, it is a requirement of membership that a parent or caregiver is on the beach at all times while their child is participating in our program.

It is an expectation that parents get involved in helping to run these activities. There are many ways to help from becoming a water safety officer to helping set up or cook the BBQ each week, without parent helpers we cannot provide junior lifesaver (Nippers) activities.

Yes, our main goal is to teach water safety skills in open water and produce lifesavers. Competition is an important tool in this process and the Club encourages all members to take part however it is not compulsory.
Yes that is correct, but not before they have completed their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). When they are ready for patrol they will be allocated to a patrol team. SRCs are considered to be trainee lifesavers and will learn more about being a lifesaver while under the guidance of their Patrol Captain.