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Building Notice 28 February 2017

It’s with great excitement and pleasure that we update all our members on the progress our Building Committee has made over the last 9 months in the design of our new Sunshine Beach Surf Club.

While it is still early days, our Building Application is likely to be lodged with Noosa Council in the coming weeks and we feel it important for all members to know where we are up to and what the planned time frames are.

The process through Council and Town Planning may throw issues at us which mean changes in our design for the architects and engineers, so the process will take time. We are still aiming for a Construction commencement date of February 2018 with some large celebrations to be held leading up to this date. The access for all our Lifesaving equipment and Patrols will not be affected at all and will continue as normal

Once we get a better feel of council’s position we will hold a presentation for interested members to attend if they wish to view and ask questions on the design we have arrived at. Both the Lifesaving and Supporters Boards agree that what is to be presented will add a welcome positive addition to the Sunshine Beach precinct and enhance the experience of visitors and members to our club.

Below is an artist impression of the street front design of the new building.

While we would obviously expect the closure of the club for a period however we will not know the limitations or duration until after the council approval process and appointment of a builder.

Once the Building Approval has been given, the Club Council (all active members) will be asked to attend a Special Building Approval meeting to progress the development further. At that meeting all design parameters will be explained along with financial details and any questions answered.

This is a truly exciting time in our club’s history and for all of our current and future members to be a part of.

We trust that you will support the vision and concepts being undertaken knowing that our end goal is to replace our ageing and tired venue with one that can continue to provide both a home for our Surf lifesaving members and a licensed club at the level expected by today’s consumers which provides a stable financial platform for the volunteer services we perform for our community.


Sunshine Beach SLSC Board of Directors
Sunshine Beach Supporters Club Board of Directors

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