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Surf Sports

Carnival Noticeboard

Carnival Information is included in the Sea Eagle newsletter and nomination forms are on the Surf Sports noticeboard. Entry fees are paid by the Club. All entries close at the Club one week before the date listed on the carnival bulletin to allow time to organise the mandatory support crew.

Please enter your nominate with time to spare, late fees are at your own expense and phone in nominations are not accepted. Also be sure to let your Team Manager know if you want to compete and advise them as soon as possible if you have to withdraw your nomination to avoid being charged for non-attendance.

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Wow……. Sunshine Beach had an absolutely terrific Australian Titles performance in Western Australia. We took a very small team to Scarborough Beach who delivered big results!

The Under 17 boys made every team final as did the under 17 and Under 15 girls and in many cases individual finals as well. The Under 15 boys only went away with 3 competitors and managed to make Iron, Board, Swim and Board Relay finals … what an unbelievable achievement.

Congratulations to all athletes, parents and coaches , especially Head Coach JOSH MINOGUE who has delivered SBSLSC BEST Aussie results in the history of the club, in only his first year as coach.

Here are the MEDALISTS!!!!