Surf Sports

Water Safety

Water Safety Overview

Please note the following important points taken from the current SLSQ Water Safety Policy and Procedures:

  • All aquatic activities are now governed under the Water Safety Policy
  • Personnel responsible for any aquatic activities should complete a pre-season/annual training plan including risk management procedures
  • Risk Assessments must be completed prior to all aquatic activity commencement and must be kept on file for a minimum of 5 years
  • An approved buddy system may be used for member training, except Junior Activities where the participants do not hold a current SRC or above with rescue equipment provided as per outcome of the Risk Assessment
  • All SLSA approved gear and equipment including SLSA approved racing boards are now considered as rescue equipment
  • SLSQ Junior Preliminary Evaluations (nipper pool swims) ratios are 1:1 (Watersafety to Participant)
  • SLSQ Competency Beach Evaluation (nipper run-swim-run) ratios are 1:5 (Watersafety to Participant)
  • All Water Safety personnel must be clearly identified in the correct Water Safety attire
  • A minimum of 50% of all Water Safety personnel are required to be in water during aquatic activities
  • SLSQ’s High-Visibility Clothing Policy (Policy no SS07) remains in place unless otherwise informed and garments must meet guidelines as per SLSA circular no: 56/2012/13

Water Safety Colours

  • Water Safety Personnel – High-Vis Fluoro Orange Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Orange long sleeve Rash shirt
  • Participants in Lifesaving training – High-Vis Cap as per Sunshine Beach training guidelines
  • Participants in Surf Sports training – High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt
  • Surf Sports Competitions – Club Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt
  • Junior Activities – Age Group Cap and High-Visibility Fluoro Pink Vest or Rash shirt as per Sunshine Beach Uniform Guidelines